Monday - Friday
8:30am - 11pm

Saturday - Sunday
8:30am - 1am


4 Roberts street
Taupo, 3330
New Zealand
PH: (07) 378 0555



Fish Chips n Eggs
Special $18


Big Brekky  (GFO) - $21.90
Crispy streaky bacon, hashbrown, locally crafted beef sausage, oven roasted tomato, creamy mushrooms & eggs served on toasted sour dough  

Hashstack$19.90 (GF/V)
Potato rosti stack with mushrooms, grilled tomato & spinach topped with a poached egg & creamy hollandaise sauce

Hot Cakes (v)  - $18.90
Served with whipped cream, maple syrup & blueberries
lambs Fry & Bacon  (GFO) -$19.50
Lambs liver & streaky bacon served
in a creamy onion gravy on toasted sour dough


Seafood Chowder - $18.50 (GFO)
Pub n Grubs famous thick creamy chowder served with toasted ciabatta
Chicken & Bacon Burger$21.50
Crumbed chicken fillet & bacon with peri-peri mayo & salad served with pub chunky fries
The Pub n Grub Steak Sandwich$23.50 (GFO)
Sirloin steak, bacon, onion & salad sammy, topped with garlic aioli & served with pub chunky fries
Salt & Pepper Squid salad   - $21.90
Crispy salt & pepper squid tossed with rocket, parmesan & zesty aïoli



Southern Man Special - $31.90 (GFO)
Sirloin steak cooked to taste, pub chunky fries, tomato, creamy mushrooms, onion rings & eggs with salad
Pub Fried Chicken $28.90
Juicy southern fried chicken served with pub smash, gravy & pub slaw
Beef & Reef $29.90 (GF)
Sirloin steak cooked to taste with marinara in a creamy mornay sauce, served with salad & pub chunky fries
Pork Spare Ribs - 6 Ribs $26.90 | 9 Ribs $30.90 | 12 Ribs $34.90
Marinated in garlic, chilli & Speights 5 Malt Old Dark, served with pub chunky fries & slaw. 
Philly cheese steak sandwich $23.50 (GFO)
Slow cooked pulled beef brisket, sautéed onions, mushrooms & cheddar cheese served on toasted sour dough